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Fix internal links in the options page

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Fix internal links in the options page

- Linking internal options tabs with an (extension root-)absolute URL triggered a full page reload.
  - This means losing page state.
  - For (the `apt`, non-`snap` installation) Firefox on Ubuntu with 8000+ voices, a page reload incurs a significant delay.
- Instead, using hash-only links, rely on the `hashchange` event to switch tabs.
  - This keeps page state, while allowing browser back/forth buttons to work.
  - Particularly useful for keeping the selected voice in the `#voices` tab, since navigating to a specific voice again is not effortless.
- Absolute URLs are still used for links from outside the options page, such as the popup and welcome page.
- Cleaned up the configuration object.
  - Removed dynamic URL assembly, moved hardcoded values to `configuration.json`.
  - Grouped internal/external hardcoded URLs.

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