Services in software development

As a long-time freelance/contractor, I have a broad experience working as a software engineer in many industries and types of projects. This type of experience can be very valuable to you and your software development efforts — both during the product and software development phases.


Capacity to take on new clients is currently: limited.

Current projects are keeping me busy, and additional full-time work cannot be accepted. Do get in touch for time-limited part-time gigs.

Contracts and pricing

Prefer part-time, short-term, remote contracts. Can offer rebates for such contracts, as well as for open source projects — and they can be combined for up to 60% reduced rate! Give me a call and we'll discuss the specifics.

Type Rebate Note
Contract Remote 20% With project intro days onsite
Part time 5% Up to 32 hours per week
Short term 5% Up to 3 months initial contract
Open source 15% Majority of code released publicly as open source
Streaming 15% Majority of work on stream, while marketing your brand

Technologies and languages

Have several decades of experience in fullstack/backend/frontend development, system administration, devops, etcetera. My mindset is that learning a new programming language, library, or technology is easy — for this reason I don't have a single specialty, but prefer to be a generalist able to write any software.

Brainstorming services

Do you have an idea for a new or improved internet service, mobile application, machine learning for your startup — or just about any other digital idea? Do you need to bounce them off of a techie to make sure to avoid early problems? I can have a brainstorming session with you and your team, to get you on the right track.

Pre-investment software evaluation

Before investing in a company or software product, it's best to have an understanding of the quality of the craftsmanship. Perhaps there's a shoddy architecture behind that glossy interface, or a repeated use of software design anti-patterns? This could show that the engineering team needs more investments — or in extreme cases that the entire investment should be reconsidered.

Code quality improvements

At some point software projects start to get old and can need a touch-up — just like going to the car mechanic to make sure everything will run smoothly for the foreseeable future. Perhaps some libraries are out of date causing trouble, there are some problem areas with a bad code smell, or perhaps the automation tools are just not working as expected? I can have a look and make suggestions on what areas to focus on to have clean, good-looking, testable code and automated tooling to support it. I can also follow up with teaching your employees about the changes, in order to institutionalize a higher level of code quality.

Minimum viable product contractor

Starting a new, greenfield project and need a minimum viable product (MVP) implemented? I can help you through all steps in the systems development life cycle (SDLC) — planning, analysis, design, implementation, maintenance — from iterating on the very first idea all the way to the post-MVP maintenance.

Part-time/short-term team support

When it comes to staffing, not every plan works out. Perhaps someone in your team is going on a break, and you need help to keep team speed up? With my broad experience I can get up to speed quickly and help you with both part-time and short-term support, so you don't need to go through all the steps of finding a find a new permanent employee.

Generalists are awesome

These types of services are just examples of what can be done. Working with, hacking on, reading about a broad range of both brand new and archaic technologies daily is my passion. This interest goes well beyond a 9—5 job or specializing in a single programming language, and is one of the reasons I am a freelance working on short-term contracts. It also means that there's a chance I've solved the complex issues your organization is having more than once, or that the solution is in that hot new library I starred on Github last week. Passionate nerds are awesome. Generalists are awesome. I'll build your system. Let's talk.