Joel Purra: Developer and more

Contact details

I'd love to hear from you, so do get in touch!


Email is the most reliable way to get a hold of me. Please keep your message concise and to the point, include relevant information, and specify any action points required of me. This will increase the chance of a relevant and speedy response.

Usage Address Note
Professional For contract and work requests.
Code, open source For comments and questions regarding open source projects.
Personal For general and personal contact.
OpenPGP 0x2A977668 4C47 B4FF 173A E6ED 0DB7 3394 6DF6 890D 2A97 7668, primarily

Phone calls, texts

For quick answers to simple questions, do reach out by phone. If your topic also relies on research, advanced data, or troubleshooting, please send an email beforehand. Texting is possible, but not preferred.

Country Number Note
Germany +491792563364 Call weekdays between 13:00—15:00 (Central European Time, CET), or email to schedule.
USA +13474335635 Please leave a message.
Sweden +46703521212 Not currently in use.

Other means of contact

I'd be happy to use other means of contact, but might not always be online and available.

Contact details
Type Data Note
Twitter @joelpurra Follow me on Twitter!
Skype joel.purra Only online for scheduled calls/chats.
XMPP, Jabber XMPP Crypto using OTR and OMEMO.
Mumble We can Mumble! Ask for server access.
Discord joelpurra Join me on Discord for a chat!
Slack Join me on Slack for a chat!