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In order to improve both my projects and myself, your feedback is very much appreciated. All open source efforts are performed in my spare time though, so please accept my apologies in advance in case you do not receive a (timely) response.

For reporting technical problems or making feature suggestions, it is a good idea to create a new issue on Github for the project in question. This way others can contribute as well, both with comments and code.


Email is the most reliable way to get a hold of me. Please keep your message concise and to the point, include relevant information, and specify any action points required of me. This will increase the chance of a relevant and timely response.

Usage Address Note
Professional For contract and work requests.
Code, open source For comments and questions regarding open source projects.
Personal For general or personal contact.
Primary Most emails and replies are sent from this address.


Am using GPG to sign git commits/tags, to sign software releases, and for encrypted (email) communication. Subkeys are rotated circa yearly; old subkeys are marked as revoked/superseded by the new subkey. Please make sure to use the most recent key before sending an encrypted message.

Public key: 0x6DF6890D2A97766

Subkeys were rotated on , and are valid until .

Information for 0x6DF6890D2A97766

For improved security, verify the below information against the actual public key in your GPG keyring. Example commands, using GnuPG v2.2 on Linux:

curl '' | gpg --import
gpg --keyserver 'hkps://' --recv-key 4C47B4FF173AE6ED0DB733946DF6890D2A977668
gpg --list-key --with-subkey-fingerprint 4C47B4FF173AE6ED0DB733946DF6890D2A977668
gpg --list-key --list-options show-photos --photo-viewer 'open %I' 4C47B4FF173AE6ED0DB733946DF6890D2A977668

Name Value
Primary key
Algorithm RSA (8192 bits)
Creation date
UID #1
UID #2
Photo #1
Portrait photo of Joel Purra from 2013-12-26, extracted from the GnuPG public key.
Joel Purra
Key ID 4C47B4FF173AE6ED0DB733946DF6890D2A977668
Fingerprint 4C47 B4FF 173A E6ED 0DB7  3394 6DF6 890D 2A97 7668
Algorithm RSA (4096 bits)
Validity Maximum 13 months from creation
Valid until

Public key servers: