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I offer 70+ software programs and libraries for free! You even get the source code for free. To develop open source software is not without cost though — it takes technical knowledge, time, and effort.

You don't have to be a developer to support my open source work! If you want to receive personal support, or just feel all warm and fuzzy inside from helping open source development, donations are very welcome.

Thank you in advance 😃

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Donations with Paypal

When paying with Paypal you can choose from multiple payment options, such as credit cards, as well as set your own donation level (here called "price per item"). These choices are made on the Paypal site; click to continue.

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Donations with Bitcoin

If you've been digging bitcoin-gold, please send a nugget! If you'd like to, contact me so I can thank you appropriately.


Donations with bank transfer

Direct donation transfers to my bank account are possible internationally. This is especially suitable if your bank is located within Sweden and transfer in Swedish Kronor (SEK), or within the European Union (EU) and transfer in Euro (EUR), as transactions are fast and without fees.

Account holder Joel Purra
International Bank Account Number (IBAN) SE4692700000092711527077
Bank Identifier Code (BIC, SWIFT) IBCASES1
Receiving bank ICA Banken AB
Support me in other ways

Money isn't everything — if it had been, I wouldn't have been giving away code for free! I'd love it if you could tell a few friends about my projects and share a few links to my websites. Marketing open source software is really hard, so your help is surely appreciated. Other ways include improving some translation, patching a bug, or mentioning to you boss that I'm happy to write code as a contractor. Thank you in advance!