Joel Purra: Developer and more


You have a great idea. I will program so computers understand. Then others can use it!

The ace up your sleeve

I do freelance software development consulting. Building entire greenfield projects and MVPs, new features, and refactoring. Primarily short-term contracts (0-3 months with option to extend), optionally part-time (8-40 hours per week), mostly working remotely. Subcontracting accepted.

Reinforcement on short notice

Hands-on software development in the entire stack as well as code reviews, designing system architecture and being an interim CTO. Emphasis on quality code with tests. With a wide range of skills and experience, I enjoy being the go-to guy. Working full-stack, but prefer backend over frontend.

Current contract positions
Systems Architect at Shing March 2017—Present (6 months)

Moving Shing forward from an MVP towards a stable SaaS platform for e-commerce in the age of sharing economy. Providing feedback on business requirements and transforming it to a full-stack systems architecture. Supporting developers, from junior to senior, in their decisions. Part time, 100% remote.

Node.js, AWS, microservices, ES2017, message queues. Outsourcing development teams, code reviews.

Senior Backend Software Engineer at CodeControl April 2017—Present (5 months)

Preparing technology work estimates for clients/projects. Developing stable, configurable, reusable backend systems. Designing API backend-frontend interactions. Supporting frontend developers with advice. Setting up and deploying systems. Per project assignments, 95% remote.

Node.js, system design, data-driven systems, API design, ES2017+, Promises, ES6 classes, Rollup.js, Koa.js, dependency injection, AWS ElasticBeanstalk, AWS SES.

Senior Software Consultant at June 2017—Present (3 months)

Planning, implementing, and deploying software to the cloud in an agile, microservice fashion for high-profile B2B clients. Per project assignments, 100%/40 hours per week, 95% remote.

Microservices, architecture, Node.js, AWS, Docker containers, Kubernetes clusters, git, Github, Jira, Slack.


Grew up in an entrepreneurial family and have been running businesses since was a teenager. Co-founded several e-commerce sites, built tools for the government, done internet/security research, released dozens of open source projects, advised developers and startups. Have a master's degree in information technology and engineering, army officers' training, traveled the world with my backpack, lived in several countries. Prefer to have a flexible lifestyle; am currently a freelance contractor/consultant. Message me.

Please read my annoyingly long LinkedIn cv, or pdf résumé. Also see some of the software engineering services I provide, scroll through my online portfolio and open source projects; some links are professional, others to hobby projects.

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