Joel Purra: Developer and more

For a fistful of dollars

Gun for hire. I do freelance software development consulting. Primarily short-term contracts (1-3 months with option to extend), optionally part-time (16-40 hours per week), mostly working remotely (with occasional in-person/video meetings). Subcontracting accepted.

Need reinforcements?

Hands-on software development mixed with mentoring new talent, designing system architecture and being an interim CTO. Emphasis on code quality over hacks. With a wide range of skills and experience, I enjoy being the go-to guy for problems which have already stumped others. Working full-stack, but prefer backend over frontend.

Current contract positions

Who is Joel?

Grew up in an entrepreneurial family and have been running businesses since was a teenager. Co-founded several e-commerce sites, built tools for the government, done internet/security research, released dozens of open source projects, advised developers and startups. Have a master's degree in information technology and engineering, army officers' training, traveled the world with my backpack, lived in several countries. Prefer to have a flexible lifestyle; am currently a freelance contractor/consultant. Message me.

Please read my annoyingly long LinkedIn cv, or pdf résumé. Also see some of the software engineering services I provide, scroll through my online portfolio and open source projects; some links are professional, others to hobby projects.

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