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Merge branch 'release/v5.0.3' into master

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Merge branch 'release/v5.0.3' into master

* release/v5.0.3: (31 commits)
  List all zip files after packaging
  Change descriptive extension name to avoid slash character
  Move shortcut keys under usage, clean up
  Remve example list of voices on macos
  Prefer bold emphasis over italic
  Remove donation links
  Explicitly relative links to local documentation
  Add headers to usage
  Remove installation option list
  Put voice installation in a table
  Put acknowledgements in details
  Put features in a table
  Reduce html in markdown
  Update keyboard shortcut documentation
  Update voice installation information
  Remove some legacy firefox permissions handling
  Update @google-cloud/translate but not to latest major version
  Update web-ext
  Update renamer

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