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Merge branch 'release/v8.0.0'

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Merge branch 'release/v8.0.0'

* release/v8.0.0: (28 commits)
  Add nodejs process signal event argument workaround
  Upgrade rollup
  Upgrade pino
  Upgrade @types/node
  Upgrade rxjs to v6.2.0
  Upgrade non-major package changes
  Upgrade ws
  Upgrade @types/pino
  Upgrade @types/node
  Upgrade uglify
  Upgrade rollup
  Fix @botten-nappet/interface-shared-vidy package name
  Add assert decorator
  Use deferred context resolution, skip within decorators
  Generate dependency graphs
  Attempt to use dependency injection child containers
  Generate topic classes using m4 templates/macros
  Add dependency injection for configs
  Add more dependency injection

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