Reproducing an error loading multiple packages which use ffi-napi v3.0.1, and perhaps other versions.

Behavior differs between versions of Node.js.

  • v10.22.0: no crash.
  • v12.18.3: no crash.
  • v14.9.0: crash.


  • https://github.com/node-ffi-napi/node-ffi-napi/issues/96

Using Node.js v14.9.0

  • Requiring ffi-napi in one package, then in another package crashes node with a core dump.
    • The crash seems to occur in ref-napi in the the second package, even though ref-napi is not directly referenced.
    • Requiring ffi-napi twice in the same package does not make a difference.
    • Requiring ref-napi directly in the two packages does not make a difference.
  • Note that both packages are separate directories on disk.
    • This setup produces more than one node_modules directory.
    • The issue was discovered when developing interreferenced, not-yet-released packages.
    • Has not been tested with published packages.
  • Referencing package-02 as a package does not make a difference.
    • Using a dependency to file://../package-02/ in package-01 crashes.
    • Directly loading require("../package-02/") crashes too.
  • A workaround is to use npm link.
    • Linking to either the ffi-napi package or the ref-napi package fixes the issue.
    • The file location on disk might matter, if “physically” different files are loaded.

Steps to verify

cd ./package-02/
npm install
cd ..

cd ./package-01/
npm install

node index.js
Sample output ```text First package. Step A. First package. Step B. Second package. Step A. # # Fatal error in , line 0 # Check failed: result.second. # # # #FailureMessage Object: 0x7ffd9985c4d0 1: 0xa6f5f1 [node] 2: 0x19cb8c4 V8_Fatal(char const*, ...) [node] 3: 0xe58379 v8::internal::GlobalBackingStoreRegistry::Register(std::shared_ptr<v8::internal::BackingStore>) [node] 4: 0xba38a8 v8::ArrayBuffer::GetBackingStore() [node] 5: 0x9c1290 napi_get_typedarray_info [node] 6: 0x7f3c5003a46a [/some/project/ref-napi-issue-nodejs-v14/package-02/node_modules/ffi-napi/node_modules/ref-napi/prebuilds/linux-x64/node.napi.node] 7: 0x7f3c5003ad2d [/some/project/ref-napi-issue-nodejs-v14/package-02/node_modules/ffi-napi/node_modules/ref-napi/prebuilds/linux-x64/node.napi.node] 8: 0x7f3c50024de7 FFI::WrapPointerImpl(Napi::Env, char*, unsigned long) [/some/project/ref-napi-issue-nodejs-v14/package-02/node_modules/ffi-napi/build/Release/ffi_bindings.node] 9: 0x7f3c50026b05 FFI::FFI::InitializeBindings(Napi::Env, Napi::Object) [/some/project/ref-napi-issue-nodejs-v14/package-02/node_modules/ffi-napi/build/Release/ffi_bindings.node] 10: 0x7f3c5002781b FFI::InitializeBindings(Napi::CallbackInfo const&) [/some/project/ref-napi-issue-nodejs-v14/package-02/node_modules/ffi-napi/build/Release/ffi_bindings.node] 11: 0x7f3c5002865b Napi::details::CallbackData<Napi::Value (*)(Napi::CallbackInfo const&), Napi::Value>::Wrapper(napi_env__*, napi_callback_info__*) [/some/project/ref-napi-issue-nodejs-v14/package-02/node_modules/ffi-napi/build/Release/ffi_bindings.node] 12: 0x9b8a5f [node] 13: 0xbe254b [node] 14: 0xbe3af6 [node] 15: 0xbe4176 v8::internal::Builtin_HandleApiCall(int, unsigned long*, v8::internal::Isolate*) [node] 16: 0x13fe0b9 [node] [1] 314475 illegal hardware instruction (core dumped) node index.js ```


  • Run the steps above to verify that the code crashes.
  • Download the source code for one of:
cd ref-napi # or ffi-napi
npm install
npm link

cd ffi-napi-issue-nodejs-v14

cd package-02
npm link ref-napi # or ffi-napi
cd ..

cd package-01
npm link ref-napi # or ffi-napi

node index.js

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