Conversation Augmentation: Chat Mediator Bot

Reduce anger and improve two-way human-to-human conversations with the help of a mediating/moderating chatbot. This particular bot blocks angry messages which have a bad sentiment score from being delivered to the other chat participant.

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Augmentation by encouraging more positive messages

Screenshot showing an example conversation where one message gets blocked

  • In a person-to-person conversation, each message is inspected by the mediating chatbot before being passed on.
  • Each message is given a sentiment score using a word-by-word analysis.
  • A negative score indicates that the message is aggressive.
  • Very aggressive messages are blocked by the mediator, and never seen by the other chat participant.
  • The chat user is instead encouraged to write a nicer message, which would then be delivered.
  • This way the most blatant aggressiveness can be avoided, and hopefully slowing down or stopping a downward agressiveness spiral.

Here is an example conversation between me (Joel Purra) a friend (“they”), in a chat session through a mediator bot called @botanist. The other human’s responses are prefixed with “they said.” One of my messages gets blocked with a notice from @botanist.

Screenshot showing an example conversation where one message gets blocked


In order to run the chatbot you need Node.js, a new Slack bot user token, and a MongoDB server.

# Install dependencies.
npm install

# Run and open the chatbot server and UI/editor.
npm run --silent start

# Now use the UI to configure:
#  - your slack bot token
#  - your mongodb connection

# Chat with your bot through slack!

Have a civilized conversation

  • Open a private window with your bot
  • You can start session demo
  • Let someone else join session demo
  • Chat with reduced aggressiveness!
    • Most messages are let through.
    • Messages with “aggressive” words, such as curse words are blocked.


All bot development was made using the visual editor in node-red using nodes from the node-red-contrib-chatbot plugin/addon. It’s all running locally, using the commands above, and it’s really, really, really easy to improve the bot without programming. Here’s an example of “visual code” in the main flow:

Screenshot showing the main flow in node-red


Created at the hackathon in at the TLGG offices 2016-11-18–20. Thanks to Karolin Rühlmann, Liron Tocker, all others who helped out, as well as the hackathon organizers.

Copyright © 2016 Joel Purra. All rights reserved.

When using the conversation-augmentation-chat-mediator-bot source code, comply with the GNU Affero General Public License 3.0 (AGPL-3.0).