Joel Purra: developer and more

Hello and welcome!

Thank you for taking your time to visit me and read about what I do!

Who is Joel?

I am a social IT geek who has been working with websites and other development since 1998. Finished my last exam towards a Master of Information Technology and Engineering in 2010. When I'm not in a project, I like to try new development techniques, travel around the world, socialize and read books.

Need reinforcements?

If you are looking to strengthen your team, you've found your solution! I provide free­lance services in development, archi­tecture, optimization of websites and programs. Aiming for shorter assign­ments (a couple of months), both in Sweden and inter­nationally. Contact me for current availability and planning.


Please read my most current cv. I enjoy working with the latest tech­nologies, and I gladly expand into new areas. If you have inquiries about specific assign­ments or tech­nologies, you are welcome to contact me.

Scroll through my collected links; some lead to different jobs, others to university projects - both kinds should help you form an idea about who I am.