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An implementation of the Microsoft C Runtime rand() pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) function. The range is [0,32767].

⚠️ This project has been archived

No future updates are planned. Feel free to continue using it, but expect no support.

This is a package for the command-line JSON processor jq. Install the package in your jq project/package directory with jqnpm:

jqnpm install joelpurra/jq-random-prng-microsoft


import "joelpurra/jq-random-prng-microsoft" as RandomPrngMicrosoft;

# RandomPrngMicrosoft::rand(seed; n)
RandomPrngMicrosoft::rand(1;5)		# 41, 18467, 6334, 26500, 19169

# RandomPrngMicrosoft::RAND_MAX
RandomPrngMicrosoft::RAND_MAX		# 32767


Copyright (c) 2014, 2015 Peter Koppstein and Joel Purra All rights reserved.

When using jq-random-prng-microsoft, comply to the MIT license. Please see the LICENSE file for details.

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